Your new home is waiting!

Representing people in their real estate journey is always a joy, regardless of the challenges we face together. I have a BS in Marketing and an MBA/E-Business emphasis. I utilize the latest technology and provide all the data my clients need to make informed decisions and focus on what is important: finding their next home, or selling their current one. 

Our family has been in the Springs for 4 years. I live and specialize in the Broadmoor Bluffsarea. We own the local Karate Studio, Z-Ultimate Self Defense, and Mrs. Colucci (AKA Dr. Alison Fry, MD, FAAFP) is the lead physician at Peak Med on Tejon & Cimmeron. 

I have a long history of service to others. I have been an adjunct college professor, a karate instructor and an education development manager among other things. Now I'd like to show you how I can be of service to you. Whether you are buying a new home or listing one for sale, you have found your advocate. 

"I found him to be very personable and outgoing, which put me at ease. He gave me much needed advice on how to proceed with this life-changing event."